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Stop self-bullying, gain self-confidence, learn to shine again, become a leader in your own life! Find your power through Sherri's teaching & mentoring.

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Sherri believes that your inner energy, your life energy is what keeps you going. If you consciously make efforts towards a better future, there is nothing that can hold you back. After all, you are what you choose to believe. So today, make the decision to believe in yourself and do what makes you feel the most like yourself.

Do a job that you are passionate about, eat well but don’t forget to treat yourself in between and most importantly, surround yourself with people who lift you up and support you. To help you THRIVE, do check her Facebook where many of her followers have shared their ‘Thrive Experience’.

Sherri's Story

As the Leader of the Stop Self-Bullying Movement, Sherri is passionate about helping people Stand UP and Stand OUT! If you see her speak, she is likely teaching you how to do just that. She has learned a great deal as an elected public servant and an avid volunteer-including leading a Not-For-Profit Animal Shelter. She has over 20 years of success in the Network Marketing/Direct Sales Industry.  Through her years in this industry, she has earned 18 free vacations as a result and is also a 7 year auto-bonus earner and it’s her passion to help others do the same. Helping people better their health has created more opportunity to make an impact. It is Sherri’s purpose to help you to a healthier place in your life physically, mentally and financially if that’s your need. 

Sherri enjoys coaching and mentoring people not only in her business but in your choice of business as well. She loves the journey of helping YOU step into your greatness! She has enjoyed being a contributing author and writer for Exposure Magazine and BRAG Magazine sharing her journey through healthy living.

In 2018, Sherri was shown her purpose by God, and the Vision of Stop Self-Bullying was born. It has been such a blessing helping people learn how to stand in The Power of ME by plugging in their own power cord! We all deserve to be happy, healthy and wealthy! Her greatest joy in life besides her family and praising God is helping others live the life they deserve! What are you waiting for? Are you ready to Dream BIG with Sherri?

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Outside the Box with Sherri Leopold profiles servant leaders who think outside the box and are heart centered. The show shines a light on people doing extraordinary things in the world.  Their stories, missions and vision will inspire you to Dream bigger!